Fun Facts About Onions

Fun Facts About Onions
Onions and drip tape.

Onions growing with some drip tape on top.

Fun Facts about Onions

1. Onions are the third most consumed fresh vegetable in the Unites States.

2. Onions grow a new leaf about every 2 weeks. The bulb forms last. Each leaf on an onion plant will produce a ring.

3. The larger the leaf, the larger the ring.

4. Onion plants are biennials. Only second year onions will produce seeds.

5. Onions are classified by the amount of sunlight per day that it takes for the bulb to begin to form, long day, short day or intermediate day onions.

6. To reduce tearing when cutting an onion, chill the onion for about 30 minutes prior to cutting.

7. Eat parsley to get rid of onion breath.


Onion Seed Pod

Onion flower with seed pods.