Hey, Everyone! The bushes are loaded with green berries (sprinkled with a few blue ones). The fields are irrigated daily to produce superb berries for all of us.

Right now I have no updates for opening day except to say June. We are usually open by the middle of June and this year should be no exception.  The season is usually over by the end of July.  We simply have to wait and see. Please check our facebook page.  As soon as we know we will let you know. However, it will be worth the wait.

We provide picking pails and liners.  Please do not forget your hat and sunscreen.  It is cooler in the mornings but we are open every day, all day, so come when you can.

You pick-em blueberries!

Delicious, fresh, local, natural blueberries - Open from Dawn to Dusk Daily

20 Uses for All Those Blueberries

20 Uses for All Those Blueberries

1. Eat Them           2. Freeze Them 3. Eat Them           4. Put...

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