We are OPEN!

Every day more and more berries ripen.  The bushes are loaded with blue, green and in between colored berries. The fields are irrigated daily and the lack of rain has concentrated the sugar in the berries.  This year they are the sweetest ever!

We open daily and are on the honor system so help yourself.  Everything is there waiting for you. The pails and liners are next to the dropbox.  You will be more comfortable if you wear a hat and put on sunscreen.  The sun is hot but the berries appreciate it. Please enjoy!

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You pick-em blueberries!

Delicious, fresh, local, natural blueberries - Open from Dawn to Dusk Daily

20 Uses for All Those Blueberries

20 Uses for All Those Blueberries

1. Eat Them           2. Freeze Them 3. Eat Them           4. Put...

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